Action Shots From Red Bull’s Illume Gallery

Red Bull Illume 2010: Stuart Gibson, Energy category winner

Photographer: Stuart Gibson
Athlete: Ryan Hipwood

Red Bull Illume 2010: Dominic Zimmermann, Illumination category finalist

Photographer: Dominic Zimmermann
Athlete: David Bertschinger

Red Bull Illume 2010: Alessio Barbanti, Energy category finalist

Photographer: Alessio Barbanti
Athlete: Taddy Blazusiak

Red Bull Illume 2010: Eric Berger, New Creativity category winner

Photographer: Eric Berger
Athlete: Dan Treadway

Finalists 2010 Top 50 – Red Bull Illume.


Russian Daredevil Tempts Gravity

Mustang Wanted tempts gravity by not only scaling his lofty destination but by then hanging off of it.

If your stomach isn’t in your throat by now, you can read about and see more here:

Russian Daredevil Hangs On From Great Heights – My Modern Metropolis.