New Glassmasters Byzantine Nativity Stained Glass Panel Suncatcher | eBay


New Glassmasters Byzantine Nativity Stained Glass Panel Suncatcher | eBay.


Glassmasters Kazanskaya Russian Icon Stained Glass Panel


Beautiful! This is a replica of the Kazanskaya Icon the most revered sacred object of Russia. The Kazan Cathedral in Red Square was built in honor of this icon. The piece measures 8 and 1/4 inches tall by 7 inches wide, painted stained glass in a metal frame. Beautifully rendered using Glassmaster’s unique proprietary technique of layered enamels on a single pane of cathedral glass. There are two versions of this design, a red and a blue. This is the red version.

Included in the box is a chain which can be attached to the back so the piece can be hung. It would also be beautiful displayed on a table top with your easel. This would make a wonderful gift any time of year!

Glassmasters is world renown for creating stained glass designs of licensed museum artwork and replicas of original stained glass windows. Glassmasters creates collectible and home decor size stained glass panels of the images using a proprietary labor intensive hand crafted process.

The imagery is painstakingly recreated by artisans who hand apply translucent enamels to a single pane of cathedral glass in a traditional one color at a time process. Each color is fired into the glass at temperatures above 1100F. The enamel colors bond with the glass and will never fade. Glassmaster’s motto is “There is nothing else like it in the world!”

Glassmasters Kazan Russian Icon Stained Glass Red – Ad#: 916962 – Addoway.