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Seaport Village Carousel

My Time

Do you have any fond memories of carousels, those ubiquitous merry-go-rounds found at amusement parks and carnivals? I ignored them growing up; too tame, too childish, only for little kids. Now I love to see them, and was delighted to stumble on this one when walking around Seaport Village in San Diego. Its sign read that it had originally been installed at Fair Park, Dallas, TX in 1895, and after years in other locations, found a home in California in 2004.

I wondered about its originality at this point, and had to check on it. Who knew that the National Carousel Association exists, and tries to keep tabs on carousels and their restoration and preservation?  And who knew there were still 212 classic wood carousels [1800s-1940s] still operating around the country?

This one, while dating from 1895 with figures carved by Charles I.D. Looff, doesn’t make the list of…

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