The Bizarre Stuff Sold in the Back of Comic Books | Collectors Weekly

Amazing! Incredible! Unbelievable! Eyeglasses that let you see through clothes. The secrets to super-human strength. Scary seven-foot tall ghosts that do your bidding. All of this could be yours for a dollar or two. At least, that’s what vintage comic-book ads would have you believe.


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Sea-Monkeys and X-Ray Spex: Collecting the Bizarre Stuff Sold in the Back of Comic Books | Collectors Weekly.


Diablitos Mexico’s Most Peculiar Pottery

“In the rural Mexican state of Michoacán, devils, mermaids, saints, sun gods, and drunks can all be found mixing it up and having a great time. Each of these characters, and many more, inhabit the strange universe depicted in sculptures produced in the tiny town of Ocumicho…”


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Diablitos in the Details: The Curious Tale of Mexico’s Most Peculiar Pottery | Collectors Weekly.



Dr. Seuss, the Mad Hatter: Inside His Secret Closet | Collectors Weekly

Dr. Seuss had a remedy for writer’s block, his secret closet filled with hats.  He and his editor would choose a hat, sit on the floor and stare at each other until the words came to them…

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Dr. Seuss, the Mad Hatter: A Peek Inside His Secret Closet | Collectors Weekly.