Ever read ‘The Great Gypsy’ or a book by George Ornell? Hempstead schools release error-filled summer reading list


WPIX 11 New York

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A Long Island school district gave out a summer reading list to students that was riddled with outrageous errors.

Perhaps the most galling was the Hempstead Union Free School District’s recommendation that students read “The Great Gypsy,” not F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby.”

In the epic embarrassment for an already embattled public-school district, the list for pre-K to through 12th-grade students has more than 30 mistakes that also include botched author names, punctuation errors and even missing words.

The list gets George Orwell’s classic “Animal Farm” right, but manages  to botch the author’s name:  George Orwell has morphed into George Ornell. Famed abolitionist Frederick Douglass loses an “S” in his last name, and the word “the” in Maya Angelou’s  “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” flies the coop.

“It is unfortunate. I just wish someone would have double checked…

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