Weekend Wanderings – Street Art


It has been a really busy day, and very full.  Full of photos, full of misunderstandings and mistakes.  Things that I thought were going to happen didn’t.  A weekend has had to be rearranged, my own fault, but it has meant a busy day.

I did go into the city this morning with a friend, we  had breakfast and just wandered.

Leanne Cole - Street ArtMelbourne does have some great street on display.  Some of it is permanent, like the above three business men.  They have been on the corner of Swanston Street and Bourke Streets for a few years.

Leanne Cole - Street Art Some is temporary.  These three guys are real, but one guy gets dressed the same and stands with them and then you are supposed to notice that he isn’t real.  We couldn’t wait for him to get ready, so we had to leave before it was all set up.  Even at this stage a…

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