Cirque Du Soleil at CitiField

Jerry Allocca

Truly a memorable experience. I remember seeing the Beatles love Cirque Du Soleil at the mirage in Vegas and thinking that was the greatest show on earth. Don’t get me wrong, the “Totem” Cirque was great, but nothing comes close to the Beatles show.

I am simply in awe of the things they are able to do. How many hours of practice do you think it takes to do those things?

The story of Cirque Du Soleil is an interesting one. I remember reading about them in the book “blue ocean”. The book is about positioning your organization to have no competition and be #1 in your category.

Cirque took 2 industries and merged then together, taking the best of both, and eliminating the waste. What you have left has no equal. They created a whole new category, a mix of circus and theatre, something that is equally enjoyable by…

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