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Over time some mysteries become MORE mysterious. This is the case of one 29.6 cm (11.7 inches)-tall statue of a “Lion Man” discovered in a cave in the Swabian Alps in southern Germany in 1939. The ivory statue, carved out of a Mammoth tusk, was found – shattered – and sat forgotten in a museum drawer until after the war. It was only after it was assembled, thirty years later, that scientists realized that they had found not only one of the first figurative statues, but the first zoomorphic sculpture. It has been on exhibit at the Ulmer museum in Ulm, in Germany.

Scientists have recently found an additional 1000 fragments, which they plan on adding to the statue, removing some filler, and glue – and have re-dated the statue to 40,000 BCE, making it the oldest figurative sculpture yet found. The statue was supposed to take part in “Ice Age…

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