Back To The Nature – Eco-Friendly Houses


Eco-friendly building is all about reduction of the influence that humans have on the environment during construction of houses. Using materials that are recyclable and incorporating waste water management and rain water harvesting into home designs. Other techniques employed are solar powered lighting & heating, rain water harvesting and recycling system, organic waste management system, etc.

Let’s take a look at some of the finest Eco-friendly housing structures of the world. I am sure you too would gape at these amazing structures as I AM DOING NOW!

Orchid House: At $14.2 million, the Orchid House is the most expensive green home that has actually been sold. An eco friendly futuristic house located in Cotswold natural reserve, in England, it features an underground geothermal heating pump, which greatly helps in producing more energy than actually needed.

Colossal Eco-House: Colossal Eco-House is the first zero carbon green house of Andalusia, Spain. It…

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